Camp Patriot Adventures

"Enjoy this song and learn how Jesus comes into your heart. At Camp Patriot, we teach your little patriot about the Founding Fathers and how their Christian beliefs helped shaped this amazing country into becoming what it is today."

Patriot Motto

“I love the Lord my God with all of my heart, and I love my neighbor as myself.”

George Washington

George Washington was a leader. He was a good example. The people in our country wanted to follow him because he had courage. Courage means facing danger without fear.

George Washington helped his troops to get along. They wanted to fight each other. He taught them to be friends. He helped them to be united. What do you think it means to be united? (Allow the Little Patriots to share their thoughts) .

United means when one or two join together like a team. When your Mommy gives you a banana, she pulls it off of a group of bananas. The group of bananas was united before the banana was removed. The group was one.


Let’s look at our United States map now. Do you remember how many states there are? That’s right, there are 50 states in our country. How many countries do we have? We have one country. Notice that all of the states are connected, all of them except for two states. Do you see where they are? One of them is Alaska, and the other one is Hawaii! Point to them on the map!

United States of America Map

All 50 states are one nation under God. George Washington helped the United States to be united.

Prayer Target

This is a prayer in the Bible that Jesus prayed, “Father make them one as we are one.” Let’s pray that now. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You for making our 50 states one nation under You. We love each other. We’re glad that You protect us. We ask that You protect our friends in Vermont and New Hampshire. May their hearts be united with You. We pray for Mommies and Daddies to know you and have peace in their hearts. Thank you for making each Little Patriot like a shiny star or like a lamp that burns very bright! Amen.

Girl Looking Upward

Recommended: Little Patriots, enjoy a banana. Notice how they stick together.

Smiling Father and Son

Note: Review is a vital part of the little patriots' learning experience. As we explore America, we review adventures 2 through 13 in adventures 14 through 25. Only the coloring pages change as we blaze the trail across the 50 superstar states!