An American Trail

Adventure One: Pennsylvania and New York

Passing the torch together


“I love the Lord my God with all of my heart and I love my neighbor as myself.”

Patriot Orientation

Boys and girls, you live in a very great nation called the United States of America. There are fifty states in our country, and you live in this one (point to the state that you live in!). The name of our state is __________. There is a capital city in each state. That’s where the stars are. Point to the star of the capital city where you are.

United States of America Map

Story of Blaze

Little Patriots

This, Little Patriots, is a picture of our friends, Blaze (point to the eagle), Brayden who is five years old, and Selah who is four.

They have wonderful adventures together as Brayden and Selah mount upon the wings of Blaze and fly into various capital cities in the United States. The capital cities are the places in your color pages where the gold stars are placed.

Today we find Blaze, Brayden, and Selah have just arrived in the state of Pennsylvania in an important city called Harrisburg. That is the capital city.

“Whoa!” said Brayden. “Did you see that whole group of birds flying together as we came in for a landing?”

“Yep!” answered Blaze. “Those birds are called ‘Ruffed Grouse’. They are the state bird.”

“Whoa, Blaze! We almost ran into your Ruffed Grouse friends,” yelled Brayden

“Whew! That was too close!” echoed Selah.

“Hey, Little Patriots, you have a Grouse Bird on your color book page,” said Blaze.

Just about that time Selah took in the lovely smell of the most beautiful bouquet she had just picked. “Absolutely wonderful!” she exclaimed.

“Here, Blaze. Take a whiff!” “Don’t mind if I do!” replied Brayden.

“Those are called Mountain Laurels.” Blaze remarked. “They are also on the coloring page. They are a special flower in Pennsylvania. They are called the state flower. If you live in Pennsylvania, you see them a lot.

Pennsylvania is called the keystone state because when the U.S. was beginning, Pennsylvania was in the middle of the original thirteen states. It is also sometimes called the Quaker state because William Penn founded it for the Christians to worship God there.

“Oh boy!” said Brayden, “I can smell those Hershey bars.”

“Where are they?” asked Selah.

“They are made not far from here.” Blaze explained. “Daddies and Mommies can drive from Harrisburg to Hershey, Pennsylvania in about one hour.”

“Cool!” said Brayden. “Then you could fly us there in five minutes!”

“Let's go get some chocolate 'fuel' and head North. All aboard!” Said Blaze

Recommendation: Your Little Patriot may be given a miniature chocolate Hershey bar!

Adventure 1

Coloring Images

Gold Star

Chocolate Bars

Prayer and Share

This was a very sad day for our country. . .

There was an explosion in New York City, and how two, very tall buildings, fell down and many little Patriots Daddies and Mommies were hurt. Our country prays for our friends here in New York where that sad day happened. Lets’ pray for them right now.

Father in heaven, We love our friends in New York and ask that you would heal their land. We pray for healing and comfort in their hearts today.


Children Praying


Explain that the name of the state flower is a “Rose”. They come in many different colors. The name of the state bird in New York is the Blue Bird.

Blaze concludes “When George Washington visited New York in the year l783, he predicted that it would become the place of a New Empire’. They believe that’s why we call it the Empire State. It’s the greatest manufacturing state in the United States.”

“That means that a lot of our toys are made here right?” Brayden added.

“Right on Brayden There are a lot of things made here and lots of friends here too. This is a wonderful state,” said Blaze.


Eagle with American Flag
Blaze The Eagle

Directions for Coloring Pages

Patriots, point to the star which is the capital city, and pray for the little patriots in Pennsylvania. They may say prayers for “owies”, for pets, for families, etc. When they have completed coloring this page, place a gold star on the capital city. This is the reward for a job well done. Continue to the next coloring page, which is New York. Complete this page as you just did in Pennsylvania. Good Job! We are helping America fulfill her destiny by declaring her independence. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is the truth that keeps America free.

Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on one of the stars for each state completed. The state that has been colored is represented by a star on the flag.

Flag of America with Silver Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star

Golden Star

Directions for United States Map

Color the state of Pennsylvania and New York on the U. S. map.

Coloring United States of America