An American Trail

Adventure Nine: Ohio and West Virginia

Passing the torch together

Patriot Motto:

“I love the Lord my God with all of my heart and my neighbor as myself.”

The Liberty Bell

Ding! Ding! Dong! Let freedom ring!

The Liberty Bell was ringing in the year 1776. The day was July 8th. It was hot outside because it was summertime in Pennsylvania! The Liberty Bell was ringing because it was a special day.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Asked Brayden, “Why do we hear the bell ringing? It’s not even Sunday!”

“It must be a special occasion!” Replied Selah.

“Well, you are right about that!” Answered Blaze. “Letts hurry down to the State House to see what’s happening there!”

The Liberty Bell was proudly announcing the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The United States was going to be free to be one nation under God. That meant that the King of England could not make the rules.

Yeah! Yeah! Hip – hip hooray! Hey Patriots, guess what it says on the Liberty Bell! The Liberty Bell has a Bible verse on it that says, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land…”

Directions for Coloring Pages

Little Patriots do their best work. Emphasize the importance of coloring neatly. When they have completed the state, the bird, and the flower, the teacher places a gold star on the Capital City. This is the reward for a job well done.

Adventure 9

Coloring Ohio & West Virginia

Gold Star

State Bird - Cardinal
State Flower - Scarlet Carnation
State Capital - Columbia

West Virginia
State Bird - Cardinal
State Flower - Rhododendron
State Capitol - Charleston

Prayer Target

Children praying

In the name of Jesus, we proclaim liberty throughout Ohio and West Virginia! We pray for the Little Patriots there to be safe. Jesus, You are the Truth. The Bible says that You set us free from sin (or from chains) that hold back the Little Patriots of Ohio, West Virginia. We ask for the Holy Spirit to be the wind. Blaze flies very high; we ask that the Little Patriots will soar upon the wings of eagles because the Holy Spirit will help them to fly high also.


Liberty Bell

Blaze The Eagle

Directions for the United States Map

Color the states on the map the same as the coloring pages.

Coloring United States of America

Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on the flag for each coloring page completed.

Flag of America with Silver Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star!

Golden Star