An American Trail

Adventure Ten: Kentucky and Tennessee

Passing the torch together

Patriot Motto:

“I love the Lord my God with all of my heart and my neighbor as myself.”

Thomas Jefferson

Today Little Patriots, we’re going to learn about a Patriot named Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia (Point to Virginia).

United States of America Map

He lived on a farm. He had a large family; he had six sisters and four brothers! He was the oldest, so he was the big brother! Thomas enjoyed fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and canoeing.

He also liked music, and he learned to play the violin. His father taught him to read and write and how to take care of the business of the farm. When Thomas was fourteen years old, his father died. That’s when Thomas became the head of the household. Thomas Jefferson would rather live in a small house, and read books and enjoy his family, but his country needed him. He was a good leader. People looked to him for encouragement. He became the third president of the United States.

He believed that a Patriot should love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. He even approved of having church meetings in the capitol building, and he worshipped God there.

Two Dollars

His picture is on the Two dollar bill. On the back is an important picture of the founding fathers signing their names on a paper that Thomas Jefferson wrote called the Declaration of Independence

Recommended: Present your Little Patriot with their very own two-dollar bill.

Directions for Coloring Page

Little Patriots do their best work. Emphasize the importance of coloring neatly. When they have completed the state, the bird, and the flower, the teacher places a gold star on the Capital City. This is the reward for a job well done.

Adventure 10

Coloring Kentucky & Tennessee

Gold Star

State Bird - Cardinal
State Flower - Goldenrod
State Capital - Frankfort

State Bird - Mockingbird
State Flower - Iris
State Capitol - Nashville

Thomas Jefferson

Blaze The Eagle

Directions for the United States Map

Color the states on the map the same as the. coloring pages.

Coloring United States of America

Prayer Target

Father and Son

Father in heaven,

We pray for the Little Patriots in Kentucky and Tennessee that Your Holy Spirit will put Your love in their hearts for You (like a lamp that burns bright) and for our country, and know the Truth (Jesus) who makes the U.S. free!


Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on the flag for each state completed.

Flag of America with Silver Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star!

Golden Star