An American Trail

Adventure Eighteen: Kansas and Oklahoma


Passing the torch together

Patriot Motto:

“I love the Lord my God with all my heart and my neighbor as myself."

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was an American Patriot and lived during the time of George Washington. In fact, Ben Franklin and George Washington were friends!

Ben liked to go on walks. When he did, God would give him good ideas. His ideas included making things that helped our country grow and become stronger.

Well, one day when Ben was on his walk, he had a really great idea! He thought, “Hey if I share my books, and my friends want to share their books, others can read them. Everyone can read more books!” And so they did! Ben put everyone’s books together and began America’s very first library. The first library began in Philadelphia in the year 1731.

Guess what, Patriots! Now we will learn more about Bens Let's begin!

Take Action!

Go for a walk with an adult. Pray, “Speak Lord for your Servant is listening.”

That’s what Samuel, in the Bible, prayed, and he heard God speak to his heart.

Who was the patriot who heard God and did what He said? Answer: Benjamin Franklin

Who started the first library in the United States? Answer: Benjamin Franklin.

Where was it located? Answer: Philadelphia.

Visit a public library.

Prayer Target

Father in heaven,

We pray for the Little Patriots in Kansas and Oklahoma that Your Holy Spirit will put Your love in their hearts for You (like a lamp that burns bright) and for our country; and know the Truth (Jesus) who makes the U.S. free!


Girl Praying

Directions for Coloring Pages

Little Patriots do their best work. Emphasize the importance of coloring neatly. When they have completed the state, the bird and flower place a gold star on the Capital City. This is the reward for a job well done.

Adventure 18

Coloring Kansas and Oklahoma

Gold Star

State Capitol - Topeka
State Bird - Meadowlark
State Flower - Sunflower

State Capitol - Oklahoma City
State Bird - Scissor - Tailed Flycatcher
State Flower - Mistletoe

Statue of Liberty
Sweet Land of Liberty

Blaze The Eagle

Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on the flag for each state colored.

Flag of America with Silver Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star!

Golden Star

Directions for the United States Map

Color the states on the map the same as the coloring pages.

Coloring United States of America