An American Trail

Adventure Eleven: Alabama and Mississippi

Passing the torch together

Patriot Motto:

I love the Lord my God with all of my heart and my neighbor as myself

The Statue of Liberty

We love our friends, so we help each other, don’t we? If you lose a favorite toy, it’s nice to have someone help you find it, right? If you’re on a swing, it’s nice to have someone push you so that you can go very high! It’s really great to have a friend there when we need them!

Blaze is going to tell us about when the United States needed help! Listen closely. Remember Patriots; this is a true story!

Optional: Use the eagle finger puppet

Blaze speaking: “That’s right, there was an important time that our country needed a friend. The friend's name was France! France is a country across the ocean. They helped the United States win a very important war. It was called the American Revolution.”

Guess what, Patriots! If the colonies had not won the war called The American Revolution, we would not have the United States. God wanted the war to be won by the Americans. He had a very important plan. Well, Little Patriots, we are part of that plan!

George Washington had a friend from France. His name was Mr. Lafayette. He became a leader in America's fight for freedom. Our countries became close friends, just like sisters. That’s why they were called “The Two Sisters.” (Do you know why they didn’t call them two brothers? Well, we do not know why, but they could have because brothers are close friends also!)

France wanted to give the United States a present that would remind us of our freedom. Guess what special gift France gave to us. (It will be fun to let the Patriots use their imagination, to think about what the gift was.) It was beautiful . . . . Statue of Liberty!

Drawing of the Statue of Liberty

The United States put the Statue of Liberty in an important place. The Statue of Liberty is on an island and looks very special! She is holding a torch, reminding those who enter America on ships that our fire will not go out. It also says, “Welcome!” to them as they arrive in New York.

Dad and Son

Directions for Coloring Pages

Little Patriots do their best work. Emphasize the importance of coloring neatly. When they have completed the state, the bird and flower place a gold star on the Capital City. This is the reward for a job well done.

Adventure 11

Coloring Alabama and Mississippi

Gold Star

State Bird - Yellowhammer
State Flower - Camellia
State Capital - Montgomery

State Bird - Mockingbird
State Flower - Magnolia
State Capitol - Jackson

Statue of Liberty

Picture of 2 boys Praying

Prayer Target

Father in heaven,

We pray for the Little Patriots in Alabama and Mississippi that Your Holy Spirit will put Your love in their hearts for

You (like a lamp that burns bright!) and for our country; And to know the Truth (Jesus) who makes the U.S. free!


Blaze The Eagle

Directions for the United States Map

Color the states on the map the same as the coloring pages.

Coloring United States of America

Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on the flag for each state that is completed.

Flag of America with Silver Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star!

Golden Star