An American Trail

Adventure Fifteen: Missouri and Arkansas

Passing the torch together

Patriot Motto:

“I love the Lord my God with all of my heart, and I love my neighbor as myself.”

The United States

George Washington didn’t like it when some of the soldiers in his troop ran away from the battle. It made him very sad. When the soldiers ran away from the battle, it even made it harder on the ones left behind.

There are some Little Patriots who have had one of their parents leave and not come back. They were kind of like the soldiers who ran away. Sometimes a parent will run away. It makes it difficult for those left behind. That’s a very sad thing.

Have you ever had a friend run away and not want to play with you? How did that make you feel? It made your heart hurt, didn’t it? It might have made you feel sad or angry.

George Washington was a good leader. He trained his soldiers to be united and stick together even when things were hard, and they didn’t feel like it. George Washington was a good example to the troops, who were his friends. He stayed with them through some scary battles. He showed the men courage.

Boys and Girls, that’s what God is like. He will not run away. He said, “I will never leave you.” Show the picture of George Washington and Valley Forge at this time.

George Washington

Directions for Coloring page

Little Patriots do their best work. Emphasize the importance of coloring neatly when they have completed the state, the bird and flower place a gold star on the Capital City. This is the reward for a job well done.

Adventure 15

Coloring Missouri and Arkansas

Gold Star

State Bird - Bluebird
State Flower - Hawthorn
State Capital - Jefferson City

State Bird - Mockingbird
State Flower - Apple Blossom
State Capitol - Little Rock

Children Holding USA Flag

Two Boys Praying
Blaze The Eagle

Prayer Target

Holy Spirit, You are our helper that the Father in heaven sent to be with us. We are thankful that you are with us in glad times and sad times. We are like a limp glove without You. We want to take this opportunity to pray for the Little Patriots in Missouri and Arkansas. We can even ask the Holy Spirit to guide some of the lost parents' home.

Use a Little Patriots empty glove or mitten. Think about what it can do all by its self!

Now, as the Little Patriot places the gloves on their hands,

See how the glove does not have power without the hand in it!

The Holy Spirit is Gods power in U. S. As we pray for friends.

Child Gloves

Directions for the United States Map

Color the states on the U.S. map the same as the U. S. Coloring pages.

Coloring United States of America
Flag of America with Silver Star

Directions for the United States Flag

Place a silver star on the flag for each state completed.

Golden Star

Good job, Little Patriot. You are a Super Star!