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Camp Patriot

The Little Patriots of America

God Bless America (Flag)

Blaze With American Flag


Welcome back Little Patriots to “Camp Patriot”

Adventure Nineteen: Texas & Montana

From Sea to shining sea, America is beautiful...

In this Adventure, Blaze declares that “Our American flag reminds the U.S., when it waves at the U.S. in the breeze, that we are free...”

Let’s join them now at CAMP PATRIOT, as Adventure Nineteen begins!

Blaze as Uncle Sam

Let’s begin!

Note from Blaze to Parents:

Review is a vital part of the little patriots' learning experience. As we explore America, we review adventures 2 through 13 in adventures 14 through 25. Only the coloring pages change as we blaze the trail across the 50 superstar states!

“Together, Passing the Torch!”


A Girl Running
A Child in the Water
A Girl Jumping in the Sand
A Picture of the Sea