Blog Four: Adventure Four

Camp Patriot

The Little Patriots of America

God Bless America (Flag)


Blaze With American Flag

Adventure Four- Connecticut & Rhode Island

From Sea to Shining Sea, America is Beautiful...

Our Camp Patriot adventure begins in Hartford, Connecticut. It’s named “The Constitution State”.

We join Blaze, Brayden, Selah, and The Little Patriots at the campfire... as Blaze describes the special part the patriots played from Connecticut in the battle for freedom, with a love for the new “Nation under God”.

Providence, Rhode Island, was a place they believed God had led them to. “Providence” means God's leading and protection... In Adventure Four we discover more about George Washington and how he trusted God during difficult times... and how God truly did protect them!

Let’s join them now at CAMP PATRIOT as Adventure Four begins!

Let’s begin!

A Boy Walking in the Ocean


A Girl Jumping in the Sand
A Picture of the Sea