Blog Three: Adventure Three

Camp Patriot

The Little Patriots of America

God Bless America (Flag)


Blaze With American Flag



Adventure Three: Maine and Massachusetts

At Camp Patriot . . . we join Blaze, Brayden & Selah as they are taking in all the beauty of “America the Beautiful”!


We begin Adventure Three in Main, then on to Massachusetts. The Little Patriots are on the lookout for the moose, as Blaze declares, “The moose is on the loose!” To this, Brayden replies, “Let’s go see them!” And Selah responds, “I’m in!”

As they arrive at Baxter State Park and see the moose going for a swim, Selah declares, “I’d love to swim with a moose!”… as Brayden and Selah chuckled together and pondered the thought. . .

Kid in Swimsuit

Blaze reminded them of more adventures in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, where they will visit a special rock named “Plymouth Rock!” This rock is a monument representing “freedom” to all the Little Patriots of America!

Plymouth Rock

Blaze announces This is where the Pilgrims arrived with the Mayflower & worshiped God in Freedom!

“All aboard!” Called Blaze.

Another flight in freedom!

Moose Standing

Moose in the Water

Boy with Bright Hoodie


A Girl Jumping in the Sand
A Picture of the Sea